Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Pestilence is Coming

Although it sounds like it could be a headline straight out of today's newspaper, The Pestilence is Coming is in fact the name of the newest album from a band out of Cincinnati, Ohio called The Minor Leagues. I only recently learned of this band (what a shame) but they have been around since 2001. They released their first album, Be Kind to Beginners, in 2002 and have brought out three more albums since then, including their new one. They play some of the catchiest pop-rock I've ever heard and enjoy using a large variety of instruments to create a unique sound. Their newest album employed more than 40 musicians to fill its musical landscape and the results are nothing short of brilliant. The song that introduced me to the band was the title track off the new album, which practically forces you to tap your foot along with it. "Infectious" would be an understatement. You can listen to that song, as well as two others from the new album and one from their first album, at their myspace page. If you can manage to pull yourself away from their music, if just for a few minutes, you can buy all four of their albums from their band website (and they're cheap!). Bad news has never sounded so good.


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